Technical Sheet


“Famous for its beautiful velvet red appearance, Massaranduba wood is one of the hardest and most durable natural decking materials in the world.”

Botanical Name:

Manilkara bidentata

Other Common Names:

Maçaranduba, Balata, Bullet Wood, Brazilian redwood

Country of Origin:

Northern South America, Central America and the Caribbean

From Forest to Factory

Naturally durable and resistant to rot, decay, mould and insects, Massaranduba is highly recommended for decking and is an excellent choice for exterior applications:

  • Decking
  • Flooring
  • Heavy construction
  • Boat building


Massaranduba is a hardwood which grows in numerous areas in South America and this large tree can reach 45 metres tall. It is renowned as being one of the most beautiful and hardest woods in the world and performs extremely well under heavy load tests. Massaranduba wood is also famous for its unique velvet reddish-brown hues.

The heartwood is a medium to dark reddish-brown shade that tends to darken with age. The sapwood is pale yellow and is clearly differentiated from the heartwood. The grain is straight, though it can sometimes be curved or interlocked. The texture is fine and uniform, with low natural lustre.

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