Technical Sheet


“Kiaat is one of the prime timbers of Southern Africa, sought-after for furniture and veneer.”

Botanical Name:

Pterocarpus angolensis

Other Common Names:

African teak, wild teak, bloodwood, paddle-wood, sealing-wax tree, Transvaal teak

Country of Origin:

Southern Africa

From Forest to Factory

This timber is resistant to wood borer insects and termites, is durable and has a pleasing spicy fragrance. It is perfectly suited for:

  • Furniture
  • Boat building
  • Veneer
  • Turning
  • Small wooden objects


Kiaat is widely distributed over south-central Africa and is one of its prime timber species. This deciduous tree usually grows up to 16 metres tall and can reach up to 19 metres, with dark brown bark and a high, wide-crowned canopy of leaves.

The heartwood colour varies greatly and ranges from a pale uniform brown to golden brown, chocolate, brick red or purplish brown with darker or redder streaks that can go lighter with exposure. The sapwood is pale gray or yellowish and is clearly defined. The texture is medium to coarse and the grain is straight or interlocking. This beautiful wood is stable during drying, polishes well and is a popular timber for furniture and veneer. The wood has no lustre.

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