Technical Sheet


“Keruing is a strong, low maintenance and resistant timber which is ideal for construction purposes and for a range of items.”

Botanical Name:

Dipterocarpus turbinatus

Other Common Names:

Keruing, Apitong

Country of Origin:

South-East Asia

From Forest to Factory

Keruing is a strong wood that is classified as durable, making it useful for construction purposes and a range of different items. It is ideal for:

  • Furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Flooring
  • Panelling
  • Ship building
  • Bridges
  • Wood frame house
  • Vehicle or container flooring
  • Heavy carpentry
  • Plywood for light woods
  • Trailer decks
  • Utility lumber


Keruing is the name used for timber yielded from as many as 70 species of the genus Dipterocarpus. The Dipterocarpus turbinatus trees are of imposing height, growing between 30 and 45 metres tall.

Keruing timber is well known as it is low maintenance, hard-wearing and ideal for outdoor furniture use. The heartwood ranges from a light to medium yellowish brown to a darker reddish brown, with a homogenous overall appearance. The grain pattern is generally straight to slightly interlocked, with a medium to coarse texture and average natural lustre.

The rot resistance varies depending on species.

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