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“Garapa is one of the finest quality hardwoods with warm golden hues and is naturally scratch, decay and insect resistant. It is a perfect option for wood decks.”

Botanical Name:

Apuleia leiocarpa

Other Common Names:

Brazilian Ash, Grapia, Amarealao, Marotoa, Muiratua, Muirajuba

Country of Origin:

South America

From Forest to Factory

Naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attack, Garapa is also scratch resistant and keeps a smooth surface for many years. It is a high density, very durable hardwood ideal for exterior structures including:

  • Decking
  • Dock
  • Flooring
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Wood siding
  • Boat building


Garapa is the most common trade name for the wood of the Apuleia leiocarpa, a tree native to South America. It can be medium to large in size and grow up to 35 metres, with a trunk diameter that can reach 1.20 metres. The tree tends to grow fairly straight, which means that the wood also has a straight grain with minimal variations.

The wood is known for its beautiful chatoyant aspect and its warm colour that ranges from light yellow to a golden hue which darkens with age. This fine-grained timber has a uniform medium texture with a moderate amount of natural lustre.

Garapa is an exotic hardwood that offers more than 30-year lifespan without preservatives.

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