Our Timber
and Related Products

Our aim is to position ourselves as a prime supplier of timber products in Mauritius.

We cater to developers, contractors, construction companies, manufacturers, hardware stores, but also architects, quantity surveyors, project managers and individuals in search of consistent product quality and excellent customer service.

Our core business is the supply of timber products, including:

Sawn Timber

Sawn timber is available in most of the industry-standard sizes.
We keep in stock or can readily source the following species of sawn timber:

Timber Decking

Timber decking can be used in a number of ways and is perfect for all external projects, such as verandas, pergolas, cladding, screening, and as part of garden landscaping. These species of timber decking are kept in store or can readily be sourced:

Decking Accessories

Our range of decking accessories for wooden decks are not only attractive but also strong and durable. We stock several kinds of deck clips and other accessories:

• EasyClip
• Ipe Clip

South African Pine - Sealed

Timber Poles

Our best-sellers CCA pine cylinder poles from South Africa are H4 treated for long-lasting in-ground use. Treated pine poles are versatile and can be utilised for a wide variety of projects, different landscaping and building applications. We stock the following sizes:

• 100/125/150/200 mm x 5.85 m
• 50 mm x 2.70 m
• 50 mm x 2.90 m
• 75 mm x 2.70 m
• 75 mm x 2.90 m

South African Pine - Sealed


Our wood shingles perfectly complement various architectural designs and are ideal for residential and commercial use. We can source the following species of shingles for projects, which offer exceptional durability and strength:

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